Volunteers collaboratively analyzing aerial and satellite imagery to assist in search and rescue efforts.

Volunteers collaboratively analyzing aerial and satellite imagery to assist in search and rescue efforts.

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Media Release - June 4, 2008: UAV launched in search for missing aircraft, a volunteer organization that utilizes the Internet to enable searchers to scan satellite imagery to locate missing aircraft, is working with Aerogeonautics to launch an UAV to taker aerial photographs of a high probability area in the search for a missing aircraft flown by Ron Boychuk.

Ron Boychuk went missing October 23, 2007 on a flight from Revelstoke to Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. The Canadian Forces and volunteer searchers spent fourteen days searching for Ron along his flight path as well as following up on a multitude of leads and witness reports without success. After the search was scaled back by the official search team, Boychuk's sons continued to search for leads to their father's disappearance.

In December 2007, the family asked to become involved in the search for their missing father. Satellite imagery of the Revelstoke to Sicamous British Columbia area was obtained and over 2,000 volunteers signed up on to help scan the images for signs of Ron and his airplane.  After the initial satellite imagery was searched, investigated acquiring other types of aerial imagery and contacted Aerogeonautics, who volunteered to fly their UAV in support of the search effort.

Aerogeonautics will use a CropCam UAV to take aerial photographs of the high probability area that is densely forested and is near the aircraft's last known position. By having the UAV take aerial photographs that will then be loaded into's database which will allow their members to scan the images and report sighting that may be related to the missing aircraft and Ron Boychuk. believes that the integration of a number of new techniques and technologies will assist search and rescue organizations worldwide to complete their mission more effectively and reducing the risk to search teams.

Aerogeonautics has developed new technologies to support aerial photography that will enable the quicker integration of aerial photographs into's database for quicker access by their members.

For further information contact Greg Ursel, Canadian SAR Liaison at (403) 861-4077 or

For further information on Aerogeonautics contact Scott McTavish via email at

For further information on CropCam contact Lisa Shaw via email at