Volunteers collaboratively analyzing aerial and satellite imagery to assist in search and rescue efforts.

Volunteers collaboratively analyzing aerial and satellite imagery to assist in search and rescue efforts.

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Volunteers Assisting Search and Rescue via the Internet

The mission of is to develop and promote the use of the Internet to conduct collaborative analysis of aerial and satellite imagery during search and rescue operations to help locate down or missing aircraft or vessels.

This site and effort to organize an Internet based SAR organization for the purpose of analyzing aerial imagery has grown out of the Internet search effort for aviator Steve Fossett who disappeared on September 3, 2007, in southern Nevada. The desire was to take everything that was learned from the online Fossett search effort and build a truly efficient set of tools and processes that could become a cost effective and highly productive aid to the efforts of find missing aircraft.

Experienced Imagery Analysts and SAR Observers Always Needed

If you are an experienced Imagery Analyst or SAR observer and would be willing to volunteer to help us evaluate objects our members have reported through our search efforts as needing further review, please contact us with your credentials.

March 13, 2011 The Guyana Search Effort is Up and Running Once Again!

We are very happy to report that the imagery for the Guyana search effort accessible once again. This means we can resume our efforts to find Chris, James & Patrick. As we are relying on donated server space for the Guyana imagery (which could be using upwards of 1 terabyte of disk space), outages like this last one are unavoidable. As always we greatly appreciate Urban Robotics, continued support of this effort.

Jan. 31, 2011 Still Going! Our search effort for N87V & her crew in Guyana continues.

It has been over three years since N87V and her crew of Chris, James & Patrick went down in the jungles of Guyana, but the search continues. Having pretty much exhausted the imagery at the northern end of the search area, we have now shifted our attention to the imagery at the southern end and are working our way back north until we tie back in with where we started. As should be expected for a search effort that has gone on for so long, progress has been slowed by a gradual decline in activity by volunteers and new volunteers are always needed to help keep up the effort. If you would like to help in our continuing effort to bring the boys of N87V home, please join our efforts.

Oct. 8, 2010 The Guyana Search Effort is Up and Running Once Again!

We are very happy to report that the imagery for the Guyana search effort is on its new server and accessible once again. This means we can resume our efforts to find Chris, James & Patrick. Please note that any imagery overlays you have saved from previous assignments will no longer work as the server address and file paths have changed.

On behalf of the families of the missing boys we would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to everyone at Urban Robotics for their continued support of this search effort. We'd especially like to thank those at Urban Robotics who were responsible for configuring the new server as well as uploading the imagery to it. We know there were numerous technical hurdles to overcome and we greatly appreciate their efforts.

Nov. 1, 2009 Remembering Chris, James & Patrick

One year ago today, Chris, James & Patrick went down in the jungles of Guyana. They still have not been located, but thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the effort to find them is still on going. In light of this, the families of the "boys" have asked that the following message be posted:

We, the families and loved ones of Wesley, Chris and Patrick, would like to take a moment to once again extend our gratitude and appreciation for your continued loyalty and perseverance in the viewing of images to assist us in finding and bringing these boys home. We continue to have faith and truly believe that they will be found and brought home. This little poem found describing "volunteers" is aptly fitting:

Valuable is the work you do.
Outstanding in how you always come through.
Loyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
Untiring in your efforts throughout the year.
Notable are the contributions you make,
Trustworthy in every project you take.
Eager to reach your every goal,
Effective in the way you fulfill your role.
Ready with a smile like a shining star,
Special and wonderful - that's what you are.

Our sincerest of thanks and blessings to all of you.....

The Barker, Paris and Murphy families

Oct. 6, 2009: We're Still Searching for the Missing Crew in Guyana

Recently it was erroneously reported in the media that the companies and families had "finally" given up their search for Chris, James & Patrick of N87V in Guyana. In fact, search efforts do continue. In particular, continues to process imagery in hopes of finding some key clues that will lead to the discovery of the missing aircraft and its crew. What happened was that a volunteer K-9 search team had attempted to investigate some areas of interest, but were forced to suspend their efforts due to injuries and the sheer difficulty in penetrating the jungles of Guyana. The families of the missing crew are tremendously grateful for the efforts by the K-9 search teams.

Again continues our efforts to analyze imagery in hopes of bringing the boys home.

Feb. 11, 2009: Message to Volunteers from Families of Missing Crew in Guyana

To: all volunteers helping to search for Patrick, Wesley and Chris
From: the Families of the missing men

As many of you may be already be thinking, this crisis is unimaginable. To add to the devastation of such an occurrence, these are three young men who were just beginning to live their lives. Words cannot express how incredibly grateful we are for the time you are willingly volunteering to assist in this search for our sons and husband-to-be (Chris was to be married Dec. 27th). We realize that this work is tedious and without compensation, but your work is primarily the only investigating, at this point, that can initiate the ground searches directly. Since November 1st we have sufferedmany ups and downs with regards to the search for our men. Your volunteer work continues to corroborate that no one has given up on finding them and gives us immeasurable comfort and strength.

May God bless you and your families as you continue to support the search for our boys and may you share in our joy of finally bringing these boys home to us.

Mark 11:23-24

The Barker Family
The Paris Family & Dara
The Murphy Family

Dec. 19, 2008: Joins Search Effort for Missing plane in Guyana has volunteered to help with the search in Guyana for three men and their missing airplane, by reviewing the over 750 sq kilometers of high resolution aerial photographs of the search area collected during the search effort. carries out its search missions by using volunteers who log on over the internet and download an aerial photograph from the search area. The volunteer then scans the image looking for signs of the missing airplane. Read full press release here

October 12, 2008: Ron Boychuk Search Effort Suspended

We have exhausted our supply of imagery for the search for Ron Boychuk having gone through the latest imagery at least four times. As such I am suspending this search effort unless we get more imagery. We still have about a dozen reports to complete evaluations on but none of those reports appear very promising based on their current evaluation scores.

It is disappointing that Ron Boychuk has not yet been found and that we were not able to get more imagery for his search this past summer. I sincerely want to thank everyone who has put their time and effort into this search effort.

This winter we will focus our efforts on trying to build up training processes and developing imagery acquisition resources and relationships with other search organizations. We will be conducting this effort through our forums for those of you who would like to assist us build something that could aid future search efforts. When the need arises, this site will be there for other search efforts and I will send out email calls to action the next time our services are requested by any search organization.

Again thank you to everyone who has dedicated so much time to our efforts.

October 2, 2008: Steve Fossett's Crash Site Located

We are very relieved to report that Steve Fossett's plane has been found in the Mammoth Lakes area of California. The area where the plane was found was at least 70 miles to the south west of the area covered by the imagery be used by and was outside of the area covered by other Internet based search efforts.

In the coming months staff and participants will be reviewing what was learned from our search efforts to improve the process for future search missions. Those who would like to participate in this review process and help us further develop this technology for future search efforts can join our efforts. Once you have joined you will be given instructions as to how to access our discussion forums.

Those who are interested in learning more about the discovery of Steve Fossett's crash site can read a variety of news articles via this Google News search.

Status Update July 6, 2008: New imagery now available for the Ron Boychuk search effort

The new imagery for the Ron Boychuk search effort, which was acquired using an UAV provided by Aerogeonautics out of Salmon Arm, British Columbia is now available for assignment via the main Ron Boychuk Search page.... READ MORE

Status Update June 23, 2008

New imagery for the Ron Boychuck search effort has been acquired with the assistance of an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) provided by Aerogeonautics and is being processed for uploading into the imagery review system. read more

Media Release June 4, 2008: UAV launched in search for missing aircraft is working with Aerogeonautics to launch an UAV to take aerial photographs of a high probability area in the search for a missing aircraft flown by Ron Boychuk... read more

Status Update March 31, 2008

Status update highlights: third pass of Digital Globe imagery for the Ron Boychuk search effort has been completed; reported object forwarded on to Boychuk family and RCMP; future search plans; a big thank you for tremendous outpouring of help evaluating imagery.

Ron Boychuk Search Launched - Dec. 24, 2007

At the request of the Boychuk search team, we have launched a collaborative analysis effort of satellite imagery captured by DigitalGlobe shortly after Ron disappeared. Ron Boychuk disappeared on October 23, 2007, on his way home while flying alone in a Cessna 172 plane. Ron departed from Revelstoke, Canada, en route to the Vancouver Island community of Qualicum, Canada, and never arrived. To participate in this search effort, you will need to create a user account if you have not already done so.



ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are participants to report objects found in imagery we provide directly to search authorities. ALL REPORTS of possible findings MUST be reported through our reporting page for the relevant search. Also, participants may not provide our KML/KMZ overlay files to third parties (e.g. via email) nor may our KML/KMZ overlays be uploaded other websites without the express consent of Failure to abide by this policy may result in termination of the participant's account. The reason for this policy is that our systems are set up to manage and filter reports for search teams and those who bypass our reporting system can actually impede the efforts of search teams.

Who speaks for us

The only individuals who are authorized to speak on the behalf of will be able to send and receive email from addresses at If there is ever a question about someone's authority to speak on our behalf, please contact us via our contact form.